Aviators are easily some of the coolest and best sunglasses around. They have been in style for decades and both men and women love to wear them. The trend become even cooler when a certain movie took off with Tom Cruise as a pilot in Top Gun. People were running to their local sunglasses stores to grab a pair of these now iconic sunglasses. Aviators are very chic and very European. You cannot go anywhere in Spain, Italy or southern France without seeing young men and women wearing these aviator glasses!

The first thing you need to do is decide which brand of aviator sunglasses you want. There are many well reputed brands that make them. If you want a classic look, then go with the style that a young Tom Cruise wore. If you want something a little more modern, then check out super preppy or high fashion brands. They all make their own versions of aviator sunglasses. The frames can be any color- silver, gold or even tortoise shell. The trendier the company then the more wild they will look. You may find aviator sunglasses with rose colored lenses and white frames! If you just want a classic look, then go with the classic brands.

Are you worries that these sunglasses will cost too much? Do not fret because they can range from under fifty dollars to over three hundred depending on the style and brand. You will have plenty of options to choose from when you are at the sunglasses boutique or at the eye doctor. Aviator glasses are one of the only glasses that look good on everyone. They frame your face and give you a nonchalant cool vibe. If you want to look trendy and classic, then these sunglasses are for you!
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